Understanding Licensing - WorkflowFirst

Understanding Licensing

How is WorkflowFirst licensed?

For the Cloud edition, you are charged for each user. Users are defined in the Users tab of your application. Only the administrator can see all users, others are limited to only seeing their own user record.

The downloaded edition is free for small teams.

In the downloaded edition, regular users who initiate workflow are not charged at all. You are only charged for workflow approver users. These are also called "Power Users". A Power User is able to run actions on forms that were entered by a different user. So approving, rejecting or completing a workflow item would require a Power User license.

In WorkflowFirst Express, each Power User license is $99 USD. The first 3 Power Users are free - which is why we say that WorkflowFirst Express is free for small teams.

For WorkflowFirst Professional, which is required to use SQL Server, the Power User license is three times the cost of the express license, so approximately $300 USD per Power User (note: there is a minimum of 5 power users). If you set up your WorkflowFirst Express application to use SQL Server, it will automatically divide the total number of licensed users by 3. For the cost of approximately 20 power users, we provide a site license that has unlimited requesters and approvers per server.

What about support?

Both the downloaded and cloud edition comes with free support for installation and basic usage, through our support forum. Response times will vary based on the availability of support personnel and type of question. For priority support, there is usually a maintenance and support fee due which is typically 25% of the license fee. Minimums apply. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide a site license?

Yes we do. For information on site-license costs and support contracts for a site license please contact us.

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