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About Us

WorkflowFirst is developed by WorkflowFirst LLC (previously RiaForm), a Texas, USA company dedicated to creating productivity software since 2004, and serving workflow solutions to organizations and governments, in a wide variety of industries, in countries throughout the world.

At its heart, WorkflowFirst LLC is a software vendor specializing in empowering business experts to have a greater influence on software development in the enterprise.

WorkflowFirst LLC was founded by John Wood over ten years ago with the single purpose to not only deliver a solution, but also a vision: A vision that software shouldn't just be used, but also improved by users and those who understand the industry. To this end, all WorkflowFirst LLC software is powered by the RAD workflow and database platform they develop called WorkflowFirst. WorkflowFirst is unique in that it enables users to tweak and enhance business applications to precisely match their business requirements. This is what makes WorkflowFirst's software unique.

WorkflowFirst LLC is based in New York, USA, with supporting offices in Singapore.

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