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WorkflowFirst v3 is here!

August 1st 2016

We're pleased to announce that WorkflowFirst version 3 is now available for general release!

The third release of WorkflowFirst brings a wealth of new workflow features, including:

  • Re-assigning / forwarding workflow to one or more users or roles
  • Snoozing workflow / adding reminders for a later date
  • Parallel workflow (sub-stages can run simultaneously, then re-combine at a later stage)
  • A central calendar of all reminders and workflow activity across the system relevant to your roles only
  • A dashboard for every WorkflowFirst app, that shows pending requests, pending tasks, upcoming reminders, a work history and more
  • Assignment script on a stage that lets you determine workflow assignment programmatically
  • Improvements to the workflow designer (eg. ability to remove a stage without losing everything below it)
  • Easier to implement calculated fields that update in realtime on the form
  • Alert 'badges' that highlight any outstanding workflow in the system related to the current user

For more information on these features, please see our Quick Start guide in the online user guide.

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